C++ vs. C#

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processors aren't
getting faster

And here comes quantum computing , after some decades(or in the odds after a century) we will have turing complete quantum computers and future humans would look at the past and say "How terribly slow were those ancient transistor based cpu's like i11 or xeon 64-core" ;)
The problem with that logic is that Quantum Computers are not an all around better solution to all computing problems. Quantum algorithms are better for some problems, but not all. And in some cases may even be worse (but that's still theory and whatnot)
if you read my post again you will find the words "turing complete".
As I said in my previous post "after some decades or a century" . Currently scientists are working hard to make *quantum gates* that could be used for general computing and ofcourse quantum computers will be totally different from the now common von neumann architecture.You never know what will happen in the future.
Read an interesting related article recently (to memory management not quantum computing). http://sealedabstract.com/rants/why-mobile-web-apps-are-slow/
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