whats the status of the c++ monthly competition idea guys??

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This is the current site http://cppcomp.netne.net/index.php

I personally think a competition section here would be better, more visibility to users.
A competition section would be a good thing. Not only could we put cplusplus.com competitions but also help get attention for competitions we like taking part in (Ludum Dare and 64Digits, for example). Plus adding it here, if it doesn't work, can be archived and removed. Though, on here we run into the problem of figuring out how to do the voting as this site appears to have no voting system on it for that.
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well twicker could put one in individual compo threads
Though, on here we run into the problem of figuring out how to do the voting as this site appears to have no voting system on it for that.
I have been writing code for this purpose. twicker will implement my code after I finish it but I have written only about 1/3rd of the code.

Maybe we should make 4 competitions a year? A summer competition, winter competition... I think 3 months would be enough for everyone to write the code
But then we would run into the "This competition isn't funny"-issue.
If one user doesn't like the competition he would have to be waiting three entire months before being able to "find" a funnier (interestinger?) one.
there could be two competitions running side by side each quarter, there can still be one winner each quarter.
devonrevenge wrote:
there could be two competitions running side by side each quarter, there can still be one winner each quarter.

Well, maybe something more like what chrisname suggested here http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/lounge/107453/#msg585617

We could have a monthly competiton using a format similar to what I suggested here http://www.cplusplus.com/forum/lounge/107453/2/#msg585932 and a quarterly competition with more time allotted to work (maybe 4 - 8 weeks depending on difficulty) and the rest for voting and relaxation. Obviously the quarterly theme should be more difficult than the monthly.
@ Null: Please promise me that you're not going to turn this site into Reddit.
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Yeah, I don't want ratings on the posts on this forum either. Please no "* le epic upboat! xD". I'll leave. I swear it. I'm an animal!
@Computergeek01: I'm not sure what you
mean (I never visited reddit except on few occasions) but I'll just code a poll system for the forum and that's it.
I think a forum section and some sticky threads to keep everything organised is enough for a start.
@ Null: When you start "ranking" threads by the number of imaginary internet points it was able to accumulate you end up burying legitimate\interesting questions and comments simply because they were posted during low traffic hours. Now you can try to off set this with any number of algorithms but ultimately peoples attention gets drawn toward those large numbers and the problem reinforces itself. You could say the same thing happens now because we show the number of posts in each thread, but at least in that case people are being drawn toward content and discussion, not simply what thread the most people happened to look at today.

Another issue gets especially frustrating when you get into technical discussions where the median of people might not understand the content of a contributor so they will simply glance over what might be the most correct answer in favor of a simpler one that they understand better. In this case the OP who might be unfamiliar with the content that they are asking about may assume the most popular answer to be the most correct one.

The only thing I can imagine coming from this is the reinforcement of the cult of personality on this site. Now don't get me wrong, those who are the focus of this earned that place but I'd be afraid of further discouraging newer users who might turn into assets. On the other end of the spectrum we have had people here who were absolute jerks (I won't name any names, some of you already have one or two in mind though) but they knew more about certain topics then most of us ever will. Do we setup a system to dismiss their input just because they're completely socially inept?

DISCLAIMER: I do go on Reddit occasionally, I have the same handle in fact. This is where I go for my brain cells to die when alcohol is not on hand.
What about adding Brony pictures on the right side?
Maybe we could attract more TF2 players.
EssGeEich wrote:
Maybe we could attract more TF2 players.

The best way to do that would be to give out hats.
how do i get a hat??
devonrevenge wrote:
how do i get a hat??

That is one point I was making earlier. We just need to get a list of ideas to pull from to do compos from. Though, I wouldn't take the difficulty degree (beginner/intermediate/expert) to heart though as they said Tic-Tac-Toe is an expert program.
All I know is all the interesting programs were listed as 'expert'. Most of them aren't enough for a good compo, unfortunately.
I'd ignore the difficulty "requirements".
A bit of googling, some logical thinkings and you're done.
Difficulty is a very subject-dependent "property".
Since we're discussing games as potential material can I suggest we NOT include games like Tic-Tack-Toe or Connect Four\Four-In-A-Row? Games like these are completely solved already so it seems useless to include them in a challenge that is supposed to promote critical thinking.
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