Hi everybody, I`m 16 years old and I want to start learning C++, but here in mine country the programmers are good but number of them is damn small, and is not really sure if you can make good money working here, so all I want to say is how hard is to learn C++ and what can you do with it, can you work online or make a game and sell it online or what? I know html+css and im learning php, all is going good but still I got love 50% for programming (C++) and 50% for Web developing(html+css, Php, js) so I dont know what to do in my future lol, what you guys (Experts) prefer to me, or they can go both together. Sorry for posting here it must not be the right place but this is the important thing in my life... cheers everybody

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With regards to your question, simply do what you love and be happy. At your age you still have a lot of time to decide what you want to do, and nobody can make that choice for you.

What's important, do what you love a lot, and master the skill.
Do it so much that you become an expert. Then you'll be appreciated. This applies to pretty much everything in life.
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