Recommend me a book on beginners CS

Hello everyone. I've been studying C++ programming for a year. I'm starting university this year, where I will be studying Business Computer Science. I wanted to study normal CS, but the other universities didn't have it English. It's 4 years (bachelor's degree). The first 2 years I'll be studying basis subjects (math, history, economics, etc...) and the last 2 years we will study only CS. I have no idea why it's like this. So I decided to get a head start and read books on CS at home (along side studying C++) until we start it at university. Can you guys recommend me some books on CS for beginners, considering the fact that I want to work as a programmer.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!
second that, is there a good book like bjarn stroustrup's beginning c++??
I'm not suggesting that you rush out and buy a copy[*] but you could start with looking at a book like:

Computer Science: An Overview
by J. Glenn Brookshear

Brookshear wrote:
I wrote this text for students of computer science as well as students from other disciplines. As for computer science students, most begin their studies with the illusion that computer science is programming, Web browsing, and Internet file sharing since that is essentially all they have seen. Yet computer science is much more than this. In turn, beginning computer science students need exposure to the breadth of the subject in which they are planning to major. Providing this exposure is the theme of this book. It gives students an overview of computer science—a foundation from which they can appreciate the relevance and interrelationships of future courses in the field. This survey approach is, in fact, the model used for introductory courses in the natural sciences.

Edit: [*] I obviously mean get it from a library or some other method that you are happy with.
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@Grey Wolf

Thanks for the quick reply, I will have a look at the book. But I would still like to hear some more suggestions from the others.
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