weird new preprocessor tokens?

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I was on facebook today, and i think a bunch of people learned a new programming language that has operators like ikr, lol, rofl, brb, and jk. ive also seen preproccesor commands like #swag and #yolo. anyone else seen this weird new language?
yes, but i personally dont understand it, could never get it to work with me though, i always JKed when i should have lold
I have personally witnessed kids calling the sharps on a music staff 'hashtags'

I wanted to kill them. I suppressed the urge.
Or what about all the stupid quotes from ppl
I assume 'ppl' defines a string literal.
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if i had to guess its like obj-c's @ operator
lol @ cheraphy.

should be careful about them urges I suggest you live by a code.
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Actually, I feel his pain. At some point, I think it's okay but not to the point meaning is lost.
C hashtag

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^ i should report you
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