What is better: Proxy or VPN

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Hi there,
I was wondering what is better proxies or VPN. I just need to stay anonymous while surfing and downloading.

I heard some VPNs have a log and when someone wants to track u back they know that it was u connected to the vpn..so are proxies better to not get tracked?

* Anonymous Proxy
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Are you in the US?
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Nope Ireland
I think wanting to stay anonymous while surfing/downloading is rather suspicious; you should probably rethink your current use of the internet.
If you can't broadcast your actions to the whole world, your actions are casting a rather bad light on your character.

Sorry... I just had to say that. No offence intended, Cap'n.
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I would rather not take a shower in front of the whole world does that mean I have a bad character?

There is a such a thing as privacy and everyone is entitled to it. Just because you don't want everyone else to know what you are doing and when you are doing it doesn't mean you have bad character or you are doing something you shouldn't be.
Very good point Zereo!!! lol

I see what you mean, though.
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Yea..I just want privacy.. .....................................................Thats all :D

Also when using Skype...ppl can get ip ur ip
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If you find your post about your game server versus your friend's game server littered with "...." and ".." and "cuz" and "I got"... you may be a virtual redneck.
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@cire ...If u do not have anything nice to say ..u may just stop replying,,,,

and thats just reasons of why i want a proxy..so just please dont post if u have nothing nice to say ..
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Wrll cire isn't wrong lol... Also we have already had this exact same discussion about you getting dos ed already... look at that thread if you still have questions. First contact your ISP about the attacks and second run a VM if you are that concerned about dos attacks.
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Well. yea hes got a point but i was just sayin why i want a proxy/vpn to answer Numeri so yea

l i just dont want ppl gettin my ip if u know what i mean.. so lets get on topic :D...

So whats better for privicy and least gettin tracked back :D
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run a VM if you are that concerned about dos attacks.
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