I need quick advice!

Please, I think my computer is infected with a virus.

-Antivirus crashed and won't restart
-Browser pages turn blank and plugins crashing being unreloadable
-Malwarebytes says its files and database is corrupted and won't re-download (Error: Failed to load DLL)
-Task Manager crashes and fails to start
-Java won't run (I don't think this is really relevant but I included it anyways)
-Computer acting slow
-No anti-virus/anti-malware won't load

Please help :(
you have a virus, do you have access to another uncorrupted computer? I recommend going to bleepingcomputers.com and download "Rkill" run that from a flash drive it should stop the virus and allow you to run your AV ... good luck
Yes I have access to another computer. Thanks
The site does not exist
It's just Bleepingcomputer.com; without the s.
Hmm. If RKill gets nowhere, try combofix. Also on Bleepingcomputer.com (be warned, there's an imposter on combofix.com. Don't get that one).
Decided to format.
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