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So I finally when and got VS 2012 Express so I can try out new C++11 features like auto.

Unfortunately, it crashes whenever I start it up, which is odd because I had no problems installing it on my other functionally identical laptop (both Windows 7, same specs, etc).

Tried googling but all I got were similar errors that were with different things like not being able to make a project or something.

This is a rather long shot, but anyone else run into this problem?

I use Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, I never came across any problem like yours.

I am not jumping to any conclusions just yet but I would think that the installation procedure had few problems so it could not download few files therefore the visual studio crashes.

I highly recommend you re-install the VS2012 Express. I also suggest you also ask this question on MSDN they normally tend to have a lot of good members experienced in using VS2012 and other Visual Studio products.
If it still fails re-format\re-install your OS then try install it then.

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When I installed Visual Studio 2012, it didn't crash, but I did hit compatability issues. So I installed the following update:

Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (KB2781514)

But it would also be worthwhile installing all available updates (if you haven't already done so.) As soon as I've installed a new Microsoft app, I run Windows Update to pick up all available updates, before using the app.

Description of Visual Studio 2012 Update 3

Visual Studio 2012 Update 3

But I do get quite a few Google hits when I search for "windows 7 visual studio 2012 crash startup" (though some are talking about the pre-release version.)


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VS 2013 should be out soon and it will be better than VS 2012 with regards to C++11. (They can only postpone its release until December anyway.)
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