Strange problems after playing Sleeping Dogs

I was just playing the game Sleeping Dogs when it crashed without warning. Afterwards, Steam started playing up (clicking on menu buttons brought up a black menu, pages wouldn't load correctly) and Firefox wouldn't start (instead, the "Firefox has crashed" dialgoue came up each time I tried to run it). I checked the temps and my CPU was only at 57 C and it went down to about 47 after a couple of minutes. The GPU and motherboard were lower than that. I rebooted and everything is working fine now, but I haven't played the game again yet. What could have caused these issues? I'm thinking maybe my PSU doesn't supply enough power? It's 600W but my system shouldn't draw that much, let alone more, and moreover, I've played other hardware intensive games like The Witcher 2 without any issues. If it was just the game that crashed I wouldn't be posting anything, I'd just assume it was a bug, but the fact that other software failed makes me wonder. One thing that might be noteworthy is that Sleeping Dogs and Firefox both use hardware acceleration, and Steam might do too. I wasn't running it in Big Picture mode though. Any help will be appreciated.
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What kind of GPU do you use? AMD has notoriously bad drivers, not to mention Windows tends to just cock up every once in a while and just needs a reboot to make things normal again. I wouldn't worry too much unless it's a recuring problem, tbh.
It's a GTX 560 Ti, so it's NVIDIA drivers. I'd only been running Windows for a couple of hours; I shut my PC down every night. I'll just have to see if it happens again. Thanks.
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You should have seen the game when it first came out! For almost 60% of the community, the game would crash on start (either due to insane resolution values or driver bugs (*COUGH* AMD *COUGH*)) which would sometimes cause me to blue screen (since in my case, it was a major driver bug).
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