Laptop charger broken

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Hi there

i just wanted to know if anyone knew how to fix a laptop the mouth or male part (that goes in the hole of the laptop battery) is broken.and i know becuz i have cut the mouth from it and it works and with the mouth it dosnt.anyone know any idea becuz its the 3rd charger my dad had to buy.and its my pocket money going in if anyone know please tell me..the other 2 burnt out cuz my bro was on it all day..
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Try to find the broken male part as a spare in the market.

If it is not available, then do you still have the other two chargers with you?

Well then the idea I am trying to give you is dangerous and you should only try it out if you are confident enough!

In that case you can cut out the plug from one of them (cut the cable) and connect it to your present charger. You will have to be careful with your connections ( + and -, and make sure you insulate it properly ).

I am suggesting this to you because I myself did some similar sort of thing a while ago.

WARNING: Incorrect connections may cause permanent damage to your laptop.
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Can you post pictures of it to imgur or something? I'm having trouble visualizing the issue. I have a degree in EE if that matters to you.
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I tried that ages ago but the male broken and my dad thru one away and I can't find the other one.thanks but I tried that.only choice I got is to buy a spare part or a new one

@computer yea I will just 5 min ill upload them than


So I found out that it was the male parts wires burnt when I burned all of it and tried to fix it I screwed up and the inside of the male part is all burnt with plastic

Here photos

So I'm gonna check my friends charger with it and see if in case the female part is broken

Thanks guys and I was wondering if there would be some other think with the same male part like tv or pc or DVD player or something like that
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To build on what abhishekm71 said,

- When or if you cut the cable like they are suggesting, LEAVE AS MUCH WIRE AS YOU CAN ON BOTH ENDS. Ideally you would cut them both at their respective far ends. Cutting the wire too short is a mistake I've made too many times to count and it is so easily avoidable. Any increased resistance due to lengthening the wire will be completely negligible.

- After you cut the adapter cable use a multi-meter to test which wire goes to the center pin and which wire goes to the outer cylinder. The "brick" shaped part of the power adapter will have a symbol on it to indicate if it is center-pin positive or center-pin negative: . I don't think I've ever seen a laptop adapters that has gone past 100-Watts but you should still be careful.

- Proper insulation of the wire, after you have them secured and ideally soldered together, will be a layer of electrical tape enclosed in heat shrink tubing: which I believe you can still find at Radio Shack. Remember to have the heat shrink tubing over one of the wires BEFORE you solder them together.
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All good advice above.
Although, if you've never done something like this before, be weary. Messing with the power supply can easily destroy something important (and unrepairable) inside of your laptop.

So you pretty much have to weigh the situations. Would you rather fork over $30-50 for a new power adapter, or risk having to buy an entirely new computer?

Just playing devils advocate. It's important to note that there's a serious downside to doing this without any experience.
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I would have to agree with thumper. If you have no experience with this type of thing I would just put down the money for a new power cord. Because he is right there is a very real risk of ruining your whole laptop from doing something wrong.

Specially since looking at your pictures it seems the thing is shot from you burning it (melted plastic on the inside) and it looks like the charger was also burning before you burnt it from how your laptop has melted plastic by the charger port. Which concerns me since that could be not only a risk to your laptop but it could also easily start a fire.
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Thanks all. I`m just gonna get a new charger because i have messed the male part anyway. Thanks so much all
may i recommend not leaving your charger on the carpet or covered by duvets and blankets etcetera.

the thing with electricity is that heat causes resistance, resistance creates heat and breakdown ends with fire.

when i was in the fire brigade there was three cases where insulation had been put in the loft, this caused the positive output loop that caused a lot of damage.

best not burn your house down will cost more htan a really awsome laptop

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