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Btw, Is there a certain distro that is better for C++ programming?

I guess any that has the latest version of GCC in its standard repositories? (that is, not testing, unstable, etc)
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What is a Linux live cd? Can you just insert it and run linux w/o making another partition or replacing the old os?
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Yeah, pretty much. It's like a demo of what you'll be using when you install it. It can also be used as a rescue disk. You can also download stuff although I'm not sure how that works tbh.
it's a CD/USB/Flash drive that you downloade the iso files onto with a boot disk creator. here's a good one.
don't worry about it be for Mint 12, it doesn't matter
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How can I get a live cd?
You don't need an actual cd, all you need is a flashdrive. I have used 2 linux distros and so far, the only tools I needed was google, usb, and computer (internet helps).

Link to the usb iso burning tool and download:

When you install this, it downloads the distro you want unto your usb and at the same time it will burn it to the usb. MAKE SURE TO SEND EVERYTHING IN THE USB TO A SAFE PLACE BECAUSE THIS PROCESS DELETES EVERYTHING ON THERE!!!

Find a guide on google and follow it to the letter

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