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I was really debating whether or not to make a post like this. I decided to go ahead and do it because whynot. It's the lounge... nobody cares about the stuff posted in the lounge.

This post marks my 9999th post, so the next one will roll over to 5 digits.

I wonder if I should make some kind of super meaningful post... or if I should just reply to some random newbie with "use code tags!"

Decisions decisions.
hey disch, whats 9, 999 plus 1?
Wow, just 6,385 away from your next round number. +1 for a super deep and meaningful post.
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i say go for the code tags. you can make a deep meaningful post anytime in the lounge, but telling a newbie to use code tags is a wonderful way to get 10k
Wow, just 6,385 away from your next round number. +1 for a super deep and meaningful post.

@Paoletti In binary.
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9,999 * 9,999 = 99980001
9998 + 00001 = 9,999

9999 is an auspicious number in Chinese folklore. Many estimations of the rooms contained the Forbidden City point to 9,999. Chinese tomb contracts often involved being buried with 9999 coins, relational notion to Joss paper, as it was believed the dead would need that amount to buy the burial plot from the Earth goddess.
9999 was the last possible line number in some older programming languages such as BASIC. Often the line "9999 END" was the first line written for a new program.

Clearly something mystical is going to happen when you exceed the number. May the force be with you.

Also of interest, 9999 / 550 = 18.18. eery
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Blow it on a super meaningless post in the beginners forum. Make it so off topic that it gets deleted, then you can have a do-over. :-)
Interesting notion. If one of your posts get deleted does your post count go down?
I believe so, have seen others count go down when threads have been cleaned up.
im gonna try and find the nearest prime number to my post count and then maybe celebrate it with a prime post signiture.

actually I should make an extension let me know that it is and do it automatically.

this is why I wanted dataswamp, or something I can bolt onto cpp.com easier.
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Nice u got 9999, make your 10000 one special.
and i salute u cuz u have been a great help to me.just dont mind the ones that are being mean. M:-)

Disch it would be nice to tell us a story or something about urself or somethin else
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I suggest creating a topic and guiding newbies by the experiences you achieved through this 10,000 posts . +1 for meaningful , you should kinda celebrate . HAPPY 10000
Well well well...
While you think about it, wait while I become 10k.
It won't take much.

Disch cannot answer anymore because he fears to waste his 10000th post...

maybe this site allows only 4 digits and it turns out that he starts with 0 again
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he can make a new account. and i dont think the site would limit it like that, because the code to do so would be unneccesary. (i could be wrong. im a noob in db)
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It doesn't I believe helios is at 10k+ also, but anyways grats on 10k
@Disch, congrats on your 9,999th post. You've been helping me learn years before I finally created an account on this site!
I vote for helios to make a thread called "Big deal".

[edit] Also, what do I win for my post number having consecutive digits?
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A slap.
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