Maratis 3D Game Engine

I recently discovered something on accident.

There are many who have not heard of the 3D game engine known as Maratis. Maratis is a free and open-source game creation tool, using the zlib/libpng license, and it can be compared to other popular engines like Shiva or Unity. When you think of Maratis, you can picture an open-source Unity in your head.
The engine is eight years old, but it was distributed in March, 2011, so the community is still very small. You may be asking yourself why I'm talking about this software. The thing is, I'm only trying to raise people awareness about this awesome software. This will also help the creator of Maratis as well.

The engine supports Blender, natively. Maratis has been tested on Windows, Mac and iPhone, and can be virtually used on every platform.

Maratis also uses simple Lua scripting language and gives full access to the engine source code, which is written in C++. What really gets me is that the Engine uses Lua, one the easiest languages to learn, except Lua is not object-oriented.

These are some the main features of the engine:

- Editor based environment
- Light and powerful Engine (MCore + MEngine), portable, both previous and next generation (Fixed pipeline and Shader based pipeline)
- Per pixel lightning, custom shaders (glsl), normal map, dynamic shadows, animated meshs…
- Multilayered uvMaps (custom multitexture, baked light map, etc)
- Bullet physics, 3D sound, Font system (can load TTF)
- Standard image and sound format (TGA, JPG, PNG, WAV, AIF, OGG…)
- Lua scripting language
- C++ SDK

- Simple and intuitive editor, what you see is what you get
- Plugin system (dll for windows, dylib for mac)
- Scene and objects edition
- Undo / Redo system
- Play testing (play the game inside the editor)
- Very powerful Behavior System
- Project managment with dynamic Game plugin (Each project load his own Game.dll)
- Automatic assets updating (for meshs, textures, shaders, sounds, etc)
- Powerful mesh format with animation (materials, textures, shaders, armatures)

Here's the link to the official website:
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