C++ and Objectiv-C/iOS

Does anyone know where I could get/buy a book or tutorial on writing wrappers? To link them into my C++ app?

Hey guys this is probably a common question among forums but I just keep having my doubts about a few things... I've heard it is possible to make you're apps in C++ and use some sort of "wrapper" to make all these functions work on the iOS platform (iPads/iPhones)

So my question is, if I make an app. in C++, for instance, would it be hard or would it take too much time to make it work in iOS?

What is you're opinion, and you're experiences with this?

Learning Objective-C at the moment is a problem in terms of time it takes since I rather stick with C/C++ since I'm studying electronics engineering...
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Appearently it is possible (to do without a wrapper) but it looks like there are some pretty painful restrictions
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It seems like my posts aren't even sending. I posted one a few minutes after you made the topic...

Anyway, I said that, like C++, Objective C is a C superset from what I read.

You should be able to code your apps in C.
In order to work with Cocoa you need to use an oddball language called "Objective C++".

Write your wrapper functions in .mm files and link them into your C++ application, so you can call them like any other function from your C++ code.
Thank you all for your answers! It has helped me a bunch, sorry for taking a few days to reply.

Does anyone know where I could get/buy a book or tutorial on writing wrappers?

Thanks again!
This guy gives a good run down on wrapping C++ objects using Objective C++. I've had to do this myself and I second his advice - segregate code of each language using thin wrappers.


Mixing the two languages all over the place will only leave you open to often obscure and confusing bugs. Not to mention your code will get increasingly more difficult to read. Good design is also a must.

Happy coding :-)
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