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Hi noob here..Can someone recommend me a good programming book for a beginner?!

I don't really know where to begin and i'm not always on internet because i'm doing martial art so i need a a good book that i can bring with me. I have an programming friend but i lost contact to him he said i should get a book with c++11 i've no really idea how many c++ version are there.

I didn't really use books. All the books at my library weren't the best.

Just go on youtube. Bucky's and NowExplain's tutorials are very, very good.
The thing with online tutorials is they're not really definitive (on a given subject that is, not the language). I use this site and Learncpp.com, then when I got C++ Primer 5th I was gob smacked at the important little things here and there missed out elsewhere. Primer 5th is also heavily revised for C++11 so you have my recommendation. The books a bit daunting though if you have no programming experience. You could check out a PDF of it...

I find a website and a book make a good combo. Good luck! :)
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This is a very common question and I always recommend
C++ Primer (5th Edition) by Stanley B. Lippman, Josée Lajoie, Barbara E. Moo

I recommend it because:
1. it is rewritten for c++11 (newest one)
2. by the time you finish this you will be a pro. It has everything (more than 1400 pages).

e-book: http://it-ebooks.info/book/1256/
Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Primer-5th-Edition-Stanley-Lippman/dp/0321714113

You can also check the reviews.

Read this and ask questions if you have here and also watch videos but don`t let your videos take you over.
And bookmark these:


These will help you on your way

Your new to and will need a compiler and an IDE would be helpful just download the mingw one

Hope I helped
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Just be careful not to get "C++ Primer Plus", which got significantly poorer reviews.
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Michael Dawson's Beginning C++ Through Game Programming:

Alex Allain's Jumping into C++:

Bjarne Stroustrup (Creator of C++)'s The C++ Programming Language:

I think only Bjarne's book has C++11.

Hope this helped!
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"The C++ Programming Language" is not a beginners book.
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@Grey Wolf
I thought it was it does have a basic "Hello World" program in the first chapter, but now that I look at it more it is slightly more advanced than I thought it was. I have been planning on getting it and didn't look at how it started out; I was getting because it was kinda advanced by the end.
Btw C++ Primer (5th Edition) is actually 938 pages in the book, it's the PDF that is 1400 - If that makes it less scarier!
For an absolute beginner, it may be worth taking a look at:
"Programming -- Principles and Practice Using C++" by Bjarne Stroustrup

I would recommend:
"C++ Primer (5th Edition)" by Stanley B. Lippman et al
but I'm not sure if it is suitable if you are an absolute beginner.


cppprogrammer297, I have just got the 4th edition of "The C++ Programming Language". This is the third copy of the book I have owned, I have never regretted buying it and I have found it challenging in a good way.
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@Grey Wolf I'll probably get it today. Thanks for the advice.
Beginning Programming with C++ for Dummies by Stephen Davis. It comes with a disc too which includes Code::Blocks and tons of example programs. You can buy it on amazon or check it out at the library.
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I would recommend Thinking in C++. It has 2 volumes and it's FREE! but it's quite too long, the book is nearly 1400 total pages (both V1 and V2).
You can search for the book in google as it's free.

EDIT: The last edition of the book is the 2nd edition.

V1: http://www.lib.ru.ac.th/download/e-books/TIC2Vone.pdf
V2: http://www.lib.ru.ac.th/download/e-books/Tic2Vtwo.pdf
OR: http://www.planetpdf.com/developer/article.asp?ContentID=6634
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stroustrup's programming and essential practice is perfect.
I'd say Accelerated C++ or Jump Into C++ for beginner books.
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