public c++ chat?

someone know good chat where i can talk c++?
Is not a forum on C++ a public C++ chat is it?
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I think he means a Facebook type chat where a bunch of people instantly message each other C++ laughs. Not like a forum.

Just look up C++ IRC chats online and I believe you will find hundreds if not thousands, normally IRC chats are full of old-school programmers.

There are new programmers there as well. I hang out in IRC channels as well.
old-school programmers

ALGOL, COBAL and Fortran programmers? Who still use punch cards??

Andy ##c++
Hi Andy,

When I mean Old-School programmers, they program for 20+ years using ASSEMBLY,C,C++
During the 1980-1990 if not even late 1970's.

I personally know some who even programmed in punch-cards for boot-loaders.

Nowadays they program in C,C++ and ASSEMBLY and rarely FORTRAN for fun.
They are extremely intelligent almost 100% of my question I have, I always take the initiative to ask them because they understand and easily solve my problem with a elegant code and beautiful techniques.
Few of my questions I ask here when they are on vacation or such.

They tend to move around IRC channels and information each other via private protocol. I don't normally tell others the channels and locations because few wish to remain anonymous because they don't like to go in large communities they wish to stay in small groups and know each other very well.

I meet with them and part of their groups from my professors who know them and I asked him to tell me.


Have you read Andy's profile?
@TheIdeasMan Why?
Because Andy is 49 and is one of those 'old-school programmers'
Stackoverflow has a C++ chat,
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I wouldn't recommend Freenode @ ##c++ only because they're too strict on topic. For instance, if you ask for assistance on how a certain library uses a C++ concept, you'll often get punched in the face with "!offtopic" bot commands only because it's not strictly about the C++ (as in the standard C++). Quakenet has one but it's unfortunately dying and not as popular. As of right now, I'm not satisfied with any real C++ real-time chat.
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computerquip wrote:
I wouldn't recommend Freenode @ ##c++ only because they're too strict on topic

SO is like that too, I think. They are w/questions in their forum.
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