we need an irc client!!

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we should get an irc client and start playing dungeons and dragons. we could write all of the software ourselves!!! (this isnt in response to the other d and d thread. i thought of this last night at work)
Software for what?
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dungeons and dragons. character sheets generators, dice rollers, stuff like that
Wrong kind of geek/nerd.
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Are also writing our own IRC client? sounds repetitive. :D (Also, it's hard replacing the actual randomness of a dice throw.)
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I'm lazy and use irssi, don't play D&D, and currently messing with revamping my IRC bot code after a year and a half.
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no i mean we get an irc client and write the software to play it
How about we just use this instead? -> http://roll20.net/
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oooo i like that
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