Finding c++ primer 5th edition kinda hard

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You can decide. Tutorial 39 Ends with.

"When you are passing by value you are passing in a copy."
"When you are passing by reference you are passing in the variables address."

Unless you are referring to another tutorial. Though, didn't really need to know he was having issue due to drinking a shake from McDonalds at the end.
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That is a good point, technically you are still passing in the memory address. I just view it differently as pointer is also a variable. He says "You don't want to make a bunch of copies of variables" then he just has the pointers get passed in by value.
His videos still show why they are not the best. He does leave out things that a book covers. All videos do, because unless the video teacher is a PhD in CS, they don't cover everything needed to truly be a good beginner video.
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