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You are just walking around waiting for your best friend at his place for <insert reason here> when he tells you to come inside because he has something great to show you. "This better be worth my time" you say eager to <insert verb and noun here>. You look up to see the most beautiful and mind blowing thing you never thought could exist. Those long smooth legs, those curves, the curls of read and those green wonderful eyes. "What is her name?!" you say aroused. "Violette, I bought her yesterday some 15 year old kid said she was junk because he did not know how to use a command line." You stare at those green eyes knowing that webcam is staring back at you, you admire those long smooth legs of the tower stand and those curves of the 1980s computer monitor the machine was hooked up to. Okay, describe to me what the perfect command line operating system would be like and what commands it would have.
ResidentBiscuit wrote:

Seriously what is this supposed to be?
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I thought it was a post with a more sexual nature, glad to see I am not the only one who is terribly confused.
RealGiganitris wrote:
[Blah blah blah]...Okay, describe to me what the perfect command line operating system would be like and what commands it would have.
UNIX and UNIX commands.

I think that about covers it. ;0)
Well CMD is cool...
I'm partial to WMIC myself, it took a minute to get used to WQL's syntax but I like the object oriented approach it takes. There is a huge trade off for speed of course, but I've learned to be patient.
RealGiganitris used creative introduction. Coding forum is confused, coding forum replying "wut" in confusion! -25HP

Anyways thanks for the translation Grey Wolf. I have not used a linux OS before, or mac just Windows. Just reading on the wmic command not sure what it does yet. Yeah I am an OS noob but I'm learning! Aha. <edit> Oh my lord that wmic tool is fancy! Never seen anything like it if its what I think it is, I never thought MS would add such a powerful command!</edit>
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Reading it a second time really helps. I understand it and it was boss.

Anyway, do you want a 80's terminal or what?

Is it one of those threads again?
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It's fine I already have MS-DOS, I just wanted to hear what a powerful and cool command line OS would be like. (So we meet again Mr. Fred, do you remember me?)
Yea :P

Do you have a actual machine or an emulator?

This is kinda off topic but how is your game going?
It's a VM but I do have all the install ISO's so I can get the actual thing if I want. I have a win98 if that;s any better. I am at the part where I am thinking of just removing insanity mode because I can't think of anything good. Maybe if I just start working into the fun code things will get better for that feature. I haven't worked on it in a while because I have been spending time with someone <3.
RealGiganitris wrote:
Okay, describe to me what the perfect command line operating system would be like and what commands it would have.

That question made sense, the story before it is what made it confusing. With Unix and it commands and the Linux distros why pose a question to describe our idea of a perfect command line operating system?
I have a win98 if that;s any better.
Maybe you can 'lend' me a copy ;)
How can I send it to you? What operating system do you want?
win98, and mediafire,
Good old Windows 98, first OS i've ever "used".
I remember playing games like Motocross Madness on it, it was a demo but it was freaking funny.
Plan 9 from bell labs.
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*puts on flame shield*

I like Windows Powershell over any other Unix shell I've ever used...
Okay but you need to actually buy the product key for win98 unless you have a crack.
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