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Anyone know of a secret place to find free art?

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Been scouring Google lately for some nice sprites since I am at the point where just normal placeholder images aren't really working anymore. Though sadly Google isn't being to helpful, mainly because you can't find what the license for a certain image is and/or there isn't a full set of sprites to use so every image varies in design.

So I was wondering if anyone knew of a good place to find some free sprites (Preferably a whole set). What I am working on is currently a vertical shoot em up game (IE a plane/spacecraft flying vertically shooting everything in its path) and don't really care to much about the setting (It could be planes flying around the world or A spaceship around space or even a underwater craft scouring the ocean) and I'm not to pick on the art style either.

Anyways just thought I would see if anyone knew of a reliable site to look for them at or even if anyone with artistic abilities is looking for something to do ;p.

Have a few wanted posters out on the net for a artist right now but not looking to promising since it is just a little project and most likely won't be released for money or anything.
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It wouldn't be a secret if I told you...
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But I've gotten decent mileage out of Charas.

Googling for "royalty free sprite sets" I found these...

SpriteLib is officially under the terms of the Common Public License. It is free for any use (e.g. shareware or commercial applications, including iOS and Android games).


And apparently there are free sprite sets here

(My google search also got a number of hits on people asking the same question, so you could follow up on the response they got, too. e.g.
Where can I find free sprites and images? [closed]
http://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/20/where-can-i-find-free-sprites-and-images )

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Ahh thank you everyone will take a look through them though widgetworx seems promising.
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