Any mods on site

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I was wondering are there any mods/admins who check the forums and all that.i don't think there is and there should be cuz ppl have suggestions and all that and they can message.and they have questions. Are there mods?.

And if anyone got admin who is on can they tell him/her to get more ppl mod or admin.
We have twicker, and I don't see why we need additional people. This forum is pretty low-maintenance and users can even move their own topics.
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Yea but I just wanted to know when the source code sharing on main page stuff will be available and probably other ppl will have questions to
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As for the source code section I believe twicker said it might be implemented as a standalone features (IE not in the articles section) if more people start posting source code there. Though I just heard that second hand so not sure if it is true or not.

Hopefully it will be better screened for source code though since the latest submissions were well to be nice not the best. It is good beginners like to show their work but when it includes bad practices others might pick up them habits also. Though I guess it isn't really a problem if it is meant just as a place for people to post their code and not as a place to look for useful things you can use in your own projects.

And I agree with LB I don't really see a need to have more mod's then twicker on the site. Questions can usually be answered very quickly by other members of the forum, you can basically moderate your own posts (Moving, editing, deleting) and twicker is very quick to handle reporting of trolls considering he is only one person.
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Twicker added a source code section to the articles section and said he would only implement a full source code section of its own if there was mass popular demand.
The only issue with that is that a person or group of trusted members would have to regulate it so pointless, useless, wrong, or malicious code doesn't get put in it. Otherwise twicker would have to check every program himself to validate it before allowing it to be put there.
Yeah, I know twicker is generally short on time. But for what the forum needs now he's plenty helpful.
This is one reason to have a code section to avoid things like this:

I'd be fine if the post was for buying commercial grade code, but with the example and everything we could have a code section that has those examples for beginners or experienced programmers that are attempting something similar.
This is one reason to have a code section to avoid things like this:

Oi that was certainly something I wouldn't buy 0_0
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