Anybody 12 good at C++?

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Hey guys I just want to know if anybody of you there are about the same age as I am (12) and is excellent at C++ programming. We could get together on Skype and teach me some stuff. I am currently trying to find people my age to work on a big antivirus project and when its done we could sell it to the world.
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I'm 12 but not excellent. We already have a group with 10 ppl that are pros. You can add me CaptainBlastXD and ill add you to the group and u can chat with em. If there is anything I can help with just say. And if your a beginner or something I suggest you read a book to learn as explaining stuff in chat will be hard. You can get an e-book. I recommend c++ primer 5th edition
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Accept my Skype req
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Sry. I was busy 2day I will accept now and add.sry
When will you be online?
I think I'm pretty good. I'm no expert at all though.
Can you go on Skype?
I could, but would it require me to have a mic? I have one, but in the future it might change.
It would require you to have a mic
Do you use Skype?

But I can make an account.

So they'res no possible way for me to use Skype without a mic?
Wow, there are so many things wrong with this topic that I honestly don't know where to begin. At 12 yrs old, there is no way on earth for you to be an expert at C++ (I've been doing it for 17 years and wouldn't even begin to call myself an expert). The subject is just pure delusional as antivirus software takes years to develop a decent antivirus, not to mention it takes a multitude of hours to keep up on every virus to keep your antivirus uptodate. Selling it is also delusional as most people use free antivirus over Norton or McAfee.

You can still do a group to learn, but I'd forget about anitvirus software until you are much older and have more time to devote to it.
BHXSpector wrote:
Wow, there are so many things wrong with this topic that I honestly don't know where to begin. At 12 yrs old, there is no way on earth for you to be an expert at C++
I wrote:
I'm no expert at all though.
CaptainBlastXD wrote:
I'm 12 but not excellent.

As BHXSpecter did say AV solutions take years to develop and besides not to be offensive but looking at each of your post quality and topic quality, your skill is not good enough to develop AV solutions just yet, take time to learn before jumping.

You need to learn Driver Development, Heuristics Scanning , Bit Scanning , a lot more I did create few AV solutions and trust me it is lot harder to do than to plan and recruit.
Besides I want to put a challenge up with you guys develop a AV and I will program a Malware which will Bypass\Kill your AV within few minutes of activation. ANYONE UP FOR IT THEN ALL THE RESULTS WE WILL POST
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You guys are getting way too far ahead of yourselves.

Antivirus software has got to be one of the absolutely most difficult areas of software development. Hell, I'd even say making a game pales in comparison when it comes to difficulty.

I'm pretty sure to be anywhere near ready to even wrap your head around making Anti-virus software you need -

1. A CS Degree or at least the equivalent knowledge
2. Years of experience in programming
3. Know and have experience with several languages
4. Probably more things I can't think of

The resources needed to make anti-virus software

1. A large team
2. A lot of time
3. Putting team and time together to update for new viruses literally constantly.
Oh, I forgot to ask if we are going to work on other projects.
hiii guys i am new to c++
i have a small problem in executing parallel programming concepts in turbo c++ its dispalying an error omp.h not included will u help me guys
turbo c++

Why not ask a question in the beginners section?
Let me reword the topic: Work on small projects just for fun until we have enuf experience to make a large scale project
I have made a single-file scanner using MD5 in VB when I was 10 but I know that's still not enuf experience
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