Anybody 12 good at C++?

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Wow what did this thread turn into lol. Anyways I like the AV/Malware teams idea and it actually sounds like some good fun.

If you guys do end up starting some teams to compete against each other I would love to join one of them if you will have me ;p.
Any One want to join PM me or Post we can own all the other teams I have extensive knowledge on Malware and AV field.
That's the problem. We're just kids :D

Not challenging you or anything, but you're getting a little cocky :P

If you guys do end up starting some teams to compete against each other I would love to join one of them if you will have me ;p.
Unfortunately for you there's an age limit.(:

(I always wanted to say that. Particularly to cire or L B, but you'll do :P)

Back on topic, I was thinking about doing the things on a specific OS, such as an old Windows OS like 98 or ME.

(I have a virtual win98 drive and I'm looking into a ME drive. (My dad has a lot of old windows CDs fortunately.)

So, we need a compiler compatible with ME, and a simple antivirus. I'm thinking about VS 2005, I don't know if it has 98 support tho.

(The virtual HDs are small, like 2 gigs, and we should just import our files.)

This environment will be ideal mainly because it's more restricted than your average *nix flavor.

So, now we need teams.

(Wait a minute, we only have 3 people. We'll have to add someone else. (Oh yea, I want capn' on my team)
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Wait a second Lumpkin are you Fredbill? If so then why are you using a different account now? Did you actually get banned?
Yea for thread derailing. I made a post a while back...
Why do you even want to make an anti-virus software? I would stick to something that's simple and doesn't require tons of maintenance.
I was already in Captain's group, but for somereason, my messages never get delivered anymore.

EDIT: I like the AV vs. Malware idea too
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Except no. I just reconsidered. Why don't we each team make a game, and submit them to the Senior members for review and non-biased judging.

Lumpkin not getting cocky dude, but getting a bit competitive, that's all.

Also shouldn't Lumpkin be banned because of Multi-Accounting.

Superdude the problem with Game with teams is even Senior Members have a liking for different genres of Games and therefore the results are based on personal opinion and say a a team targets the puzzle gamers market but the judges do not like puzzles it would be a disaster.

Game is awesome idea but for that we need to waste more management time on getting few members and such which finally wastes time and puts the project on risk because people may leave as result of long time of management.
Megasnorlax, AV solutions using heuristics do not need much maintaining at all, maybe trying to optimize heuristics a bit more.
Why don't we each team make a game
I'd suggest that you make one simple game like tic tac toe with a strong AI. The best AI wins.

you can expand it so that the programs compete against each other (eg. communicate via tcp/ip)
Also shouldn't Lumpkin be banned because of Multi-Accounting.

Having multiple accounts is not illegal.
Having multiple accounts is not illegal.

Coder777 has a good idea I think it would work.
firedraco/firedraco2: LOL
Hey just a thought but if you were to have a game competition, how about pick the same genre and the teams could be young ones vs older ones. :)
ooh, which are you?
I am a very young 35. That would just barely put me on the adults team, AKA team super awesome.
I am 13 so I am on the kids team. AKA Team better than yours

Games sound nice, but tic tac toe and stuff seems REALLY boring. Not to mention it's going to be really simple for seniors anyway.

Maybe we just come up for a plot for a small game and get coding. I like doing stuff like that. I just don't want any quitters.

Also shouldn't Lumpkin be banned because of Multi-Accounting.
Then Catfish should too, and countless others who have multiple accounts.

These forum's ToS aren't that restrictive anyway.
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It is good to see that the Cplusplus aren't restrictive and offer freedom of creating new aliases in order to access and post.
Some time ago I got involved it a group that were doing a sort of game system for experimenting, learning and challenging. It was a version of Space Fleet (an old Games Workshop board game).

So the basic idea was that every one worked on the server, this managed the game deciding the outcome of the moves supplied by the clients. The clients were developed by smaller groups or individuals.
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