C++ Primer for second book?

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Hi, I just finished my fist C++ book, Beginning C++ Through Game Programming, Third Edition by Michael Dawson. It was a good book that taught the basics of C++ and it was easy to understand.

I'm trying to decide on another book to read and I thinking of C++ Primer, 5th Edition because it is apparently very, very good and is up-to-date.

Would this be a good choice for my next book? I know that is a 1000 pages long but it is supposed to be very detailed and show why things work like they do which I absolutely love finding out.

I'm supposed to be starting programming in my next year of A-Levels in IT, but I don't think any of the teachers are any good at programming and I would rather learn from reading books.

As for experience, I've tried writing a few simple programs and games but I'm finding it hard to think of what to do. Since I don't know anything about graphics, I can't really make things like Pong and Pac-Man so I'll have to stick to text-based things like card games and adventures.
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Sorry, don't of a book for you. I typically recommend the book you have finished reading. I am not sure of exactly what your capable of right now. I have heard that C++ Primer is a good book. Bjarne Stroustrup (creator of c++)'s The C++ Programming Language is a great book to have. Once you get more advanced and you want to start learning graphics, how to make a game engine, etc., Charles Kelly's Programming 2D Games is good. It explains things pretty well. It shows you step by step on how to make a 2d game engine, and you can download the source files and exes that he has in his book, which you need to do, because he does not explain some small parts of what to do.

Hope this helped!
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Yes read c++ primer 5th edition. I'm reading it to and it's AWESOME
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Thanks for the replies. I started C++ Primer yesterday and it seems clear and detailed. Obviously I am reading over some stuff that I already done in the last book but I think that having two explanations of the same concept helps me understand it better.
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