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Is there C++ Ide that will Include Multiple Files?

Aside from Codeblocks, is there an Standard IDE, Such as Netbeans or Eclipse, that allows you to include multiple source files via a menu command/press? Or will It work if I seperate filenames by comma in a system dialog? I am asking because my Codeblocks program is corrupted and I had to uninstall it, and each time i'd reinstall it it would give me an error. I know how to fix the problem I'd just prefer the IDE to be a standard IDE, one used in a university because I haves plans on creating and working with a team. I've already started a working project I just want to port the source code as easily as possible to another IDE.
That way, people can use the IDE that they want to use within the constraints of general compiler/language bounds.

Thank you.
I'm pretty sure any decent IDE will allow you to do so.

If you really want to stick with MingGW compiler, you don't have to have Code::Blocks with it. I'm sure some of the older guys here would you give you props for knowing how to use the actual compiler.

However, IDE's are developed for a reason :P
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I'm pretty sure every IDE for C++ has support for multiple source files... At least I believe that is what you are asking.

Or if you are asking for a IDE that can run different types of project formats and compilers (Like Codeblock projects, visual studio projects, GCC compiler and Clang, ect) no there really isn't a IDE that I know of that can do this just by pressing a command.

Though there is a nice program called CMake that you might want to check out. All you have to do is include a Cmakelist (Basically a makefile that works on a bunch of platforms) in your project that tell's CMake how to build the project and then CMake can compiler the project for different compilers and project formats.
What I mean is an IDE that can take a list of files and include them from a certain directory into the project, much like codeblocks does, it is very convenient and it allows me to abstract away the code from the actual IDE.
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Any IDE should be able to add existing source files to a project.
Well some of them don't allow you integrate multiple files in a directory in one sweep, such as MSVS.
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Yes it does...
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Yes there are loads but code::blocks is best
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