Prepaid MasterCard

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Hello there

I went today to get a Prepaid MasterCard. When I asked the person (women working in the shop)that how will I receive the code to verify me. She said she didn't know.

So if anyone here who's got a prepaid did they give you the code. Was is by email or house address.
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I would just open a bank/credit union account and grab an actual debit card. Or get an actual credit card. If you're under age, ask your parents to open a bank account for you.

Seriously, my parents were stupid for not doing this for me.
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Yea Im gonna get a debit card once in first year that 1 year from now :( ..
AFAIK prepaid credit cards have no PIN.
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They do not. They're also fee heaven. They provide literally no benefit at all... if someone steals it, whatever company hosts won't stick up for you, it's just gone.

In most cases, you can't buy things online either. I see absolutely no point in predaid cards outside of scams.
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Ok thanks guys
Well, they do have their uses. Mostly as rewards to random sweepstakes.
Woah, Captain, you are 12. Why are you getting a Prepaid MasterCard?
Making orders online, I'm sure.
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