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The "Add an option" button takes the user to a new page containing just the word "true" (I'm guessing the body of the function is just document.write("true");) instead of appending a new DOM node like it should. Idk if that's an oversight or if you just haven't gotten to it yet.

I think he contacted admin and offered to do it.
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@chrisname: what browser are you using? It worked the last time I checked it

@LB: Polls and competitions section was EssGeEich's idea and I offered my help. But I am not sure whether he's still alive
Let's just say that this is my summer project.
Firefox 23.01.
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When I use Chrome, it works, but when I use Firefox 23.0.1 I get the same problem that chrisname does.
Confirmed, working for me in Firefox 23.0.1.
Yep, it's working for me too in FF23.0.1.
Worked for me with Opera 11.61 Build 1250 on Windows

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Worked for me too on FF 23.0.1
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