Can the Admin change this?

OK, so whenever I click link, it changes this tab to that website. I think it would be better to have it open in a new tab as default.

If you agree, reply saying yes and vice versa. I wish I could use Null's poll thing.

I think it is a non-issue. Most browsers let you choose to open in a new window if you right-click or middle-click.
I agree with Duoas. I'd actually find the suggested behavior annoying since no other website that I know of does it.
I agree with Duoas and Zhuge. Sometimes I don't want to open in a new tab.
Oh. ok. Just wanted to know if anyone else wanted that. Thanks for telling me! :)
I also agree with Duoas.

I'd rather control where a new page gets opened then have the website decide for me.

Open in a new tab is Ctrl+Click in many browsers.

I just use middle-click since it's on my mouse, but ctrl+click is good for mice without middle mouse buttons (like laptop touchpads).
I'd rather use the keyboard
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I'm on a laptop, so I always use Ctrl+Click when I want the link to open in a new tab also know what does irk me, though?

Apparently I'm one of the very few people that actually want to see the content I click on right away.

If I click on a link -- even to open it in a new tab -- I want to look at it. But no, everyone else wants to keep looking at the current page, instead of switching tabs to the new link.

I wanna look at the stuff I clicked on.

Without having to click on it again, that is.

I typically use Chrome, so at least there are plugins to bring new tabs to the front, but as often as not they break with updates. Though, the current plugin seems to have worked fine for some time now...
@Duoas: it is situational for me, sometimes I open several things in new tabs in batch before switching to them.
There should be an option in Chrome saying to "Switch to new tabs" or something like that.
In Firefox, there is an option, "Switch to new tabs immediately".
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Nah, the Chrome people don't believe in that kind of thing. They have a plugin architecture so users can do that to themselves.
I see. I am using firefox, so I don't have a problem. :)
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There is the shift-ctrl-click to open tabs with focus but I agree it is quite cumbersome to do so. So I also just grabbed a extension to do it for me. Though I have heard google "Might" be implementing a settings that allows us to choose and even maybe customize the default hotkeys so hopefully they will follow through with that.
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