How much watts is my power supply

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Hello the i was planning or buying this graphics card.

And it needs the following -
Pictures of my PSU

System Requirements:
400 W or greater PSU
PCI-Express, PCI-Express 2.0 or PCI-Express 3.0 compliant motherboard
One 6-pin PCI-Express power connector

Pictures of my PSU

Thanks you
Can't see a name of psu,but it seems that it has 250W
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Oh, wow that's really bad. I was thinking of upgrading my graphics card from the gt430 to gtx 650ti. Ok thnks any way :(
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PSU's are quite cheap specially if you only need a 400W PSU (Most computer stores won't even sell that low anymore. Lowest you will usually find is 500+). So you could probably pick one up for a extra $40 - $70 if you watch for sales on them.

Also I must stress when buying a PSU and definitely a PSU is make sure you are getting it from a reputable maker. Not all companies sell the same quality of GPU and PSU's. Some are very reliable and others tend to break often. So just make sure to do the research before buying.

As for a PSU I would recommend maybe this

It is a 600W PSU and Corsair tends to be very reliable when it comes to PSU's. It is actually quite cheap also ($79.99 normally but has a instant savings of $10, a promo code of $10 off and a mail in rebate of $20.00. So basically after all that you are paying $39.99 for the PSU which is quite cheap).
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Thanks zereo
And it's 80 plus bronze nice. I'm gonna see as changing PSU is a pain. And I don't wanna brake anything. Ill maybe let pc world do it for me just for am extra 10 euro.

And I just can't believe my PSU is 250 watts like wat the hell.
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What model is your computer?
Can't see a name of psu,but it seems that it has 250W

Very un-sexy.
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Lumpkin my pc is an acer aspire M3201 but there are different versions of them.

Original specs:

AMD Phenom II x4
2gb ram
Amd radeon HD 3200
320 gb space(forgot manufacture)

Card reader
Cd drive

AMD phenom II x4
6gb ram
Nvidia gt 430
500 gb and a 320 gb

Card reader
Cd drive
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