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Are there any good engines for a large board game like feel for a game.

I am close to starting development on a large strategy game in which you can move units across a large playing area, that resembles game play of games like Civilization 5. Are there any good engines for this kind of mechanic out there or would I have to write the engine from scratch?
What graphics library are you using?
I plan on using SFML
Personally I'd just make my own.

But for you, a quick Google tells me an engine name Tera is good.

I'd just code my own engine though. The hardest things with board games are the mechanics, so the engine shouldn't be that hard.
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If you are just going to use SFML I would just build your own framework for the game using SFML and maybe Thor. Might take you a bit longer but would be worth it in my opinion. If you run into any problems or need help with a certain aspect of the framework just post here and I am sure someone can help out with it. I can also supply you with some sample code from my framework I am working with if you need a starting point, or idea for a certain aspect.
Ok, I would like that. I think I will just code the framework myself. That way it would be specific to what I need. Thanks.
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