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*this isnt about the movie*
so i would just like to tell more people about this, because it makes it easier than having to switch between tabs and windows. its a terminal for ubuntu 12 that will let you split it into multiple windows, and can run multiple operations at the same time. its called terminator
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*puts on hipster glasses*

I use Tmux.

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omfg thats amazing... i need that
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tmux is actually quite unique when it comes to a console only environment. It's arguably the only windowing system within a console.

Still... why not just learn the keybinds for the given terminal emulator DTSCode?
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what do you mean computer? are you talking about the use of the gnome terminal that comes with it or a different one?
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I switch between Tmux, Terminator and Guake. There lately I have been using Guake more then the rest.
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