Unbelievable... Seriously???

I've been playing games on Steam and such with a ping of at least 100 (Usually going to 200 up to 1000 on peak hours due to congested lines?).
Never ever played under ping 74.
Guess what fun was in there.
We've changed house, about 80m further.
So we also changed ISP.
The ISP we chose took more than two months to activate ADSL.
So we choose to change it.
We choose this second ISP, and when we try to activate, they say the first ISP is blocking them.
Call and recall, we're able to "detach" the first ISP from our backs after a month.
Seems like today's come the second ISP's technician.

Ping 40-60, 1.2MB/s download.

Guess what's my face.
inb4 everyone speedtesting their business network "oh look you suck" :C
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Wow, I never knew people got above 20 ping at best. My ping is usually 9. I feel spoiled...
The best i've seen was ping 2.
And it wasn't on lan.
The worst i've seen is ((short)-1). I'll let you guess which number that is, taking into account I only use Windows. Bug? Actual ping? IDK, he actually lagged a lot.
((short)-1) is -1, unless you meant unsigned short.
My ping is 38ms, download speed is 21.6Mb/s, upload speed is 2.16Mb/s. According to speedtest.net at least...
LOL, you have exactly 1/10th of your download speed as your upload speed. I'm willing to say that may not be a coincidence, knowing ISPs.
Uhh yes unsigned :c
According to speedtest, I have a ping of 28ms, a download speed of 21mbps, and an upload speed of... 12mbps. Somehow, it's over 50% the download speed.
Who's your ISP? I have RoadRunner.
Where I live in Washington dialup was my only option up until a few years ago. Imagine trying to use steam on dialup. Basically goodbye gaming. I don't know if steam has changed since then but it's ridiculous to force multi-GB downloads on people. This is what spawned my hatred for steam, and I still don't much care for it.

Anyway now i'm on a 1.5Mb/s wireless connection that goes down for 10-20 minutes at a time throughout the day :-/
@knn9: Team Fortress 2 is 12GB.
The best thing of Steam anyways, is that it compresses data before sending it, and shared data (e.g. common Source Engine files, shared between HL2/TF2/CS/PORTAL/...) are sent just once.

Also my ISP is Vodafone ("Vodafone Italia" in the extended form).
I'll grant it that. Even though my internet is kinda lousy things do seem to download super quick in steam.
Ping: 54ms
Download Speed: 22.94 Mbps
Upload Speed: 2.26 Mbps
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I'm jelly. I'm over here having to use different VPN nodes just to access certain websites and servers since my ISP sucks that much.

ATT is about as crap an ISP that you can get.

EDIT: For example, I cannot access the glm website by default. I am required to switch to a VPN / proxy first, then access the website since it changes the node route.

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Are smaller pings better? The speed of a ping is the round trip of the signal, right?

My results according to Speedtest.net:
Ping - 19 ms
Download Speed - 14.91 Mbps
Upload Speed - 11.21 Mbps
Yes, lower is better, it measures how long it takes to receive a response to a packet from a certain remote server. The biggest factor that contributes to it is how far away from the server you are, so it's useless to post it as some kind of statistic alongside your download/upload speed. speedtest.net only shows it because it affects how accurate your results are - having a higher ping will make your download and upload speeds lower.
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having a higher ping will make your download and upload speeds lower

Ping has very little to do with actual download and upload rates.

A ping is just measuring how quickly a small packet can be sent to a server and then sent back(RTT or round-trip time). So a 19ms ping takes 19 milliseconds to send to the server and get sent back to your computer. But it does not measure how much data(How many packets) can be transferred in a given period of time (Download or upload).

Though with that said a very high ping can have a negative effect on download and upload speeds but usually ping will not directly effect how high your download speeds or upload speeds are.

Or at least that is my understanding of it.
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@Zereo: There are minimal effects of the Ping on the down/upload speeds.
As example, extimating your network speed with a 100 byte packet will be VERY affected by the ping, as the packet will be sent at once.
If the ping's 19, result will be decent.
If the ping's 200, result will be sucky.
No one would do such a test anyways, that's very unreliable.

@Computerquip: Sucky. I'm able to access that website right away.
@Daleth: As you said, it's the RTT: Round Trip Time.
From what I know, servers like IRC do it on their own like follows:

Generate the current second on your PC (time(0))
Send it
Receive it back
Compare it with a re-generated current second.

Receive it
Send it back

This is a really easy way to do it, and it can be as precise as you wish (You may want to use performance timers too on Windows? You can), but being too precise, results will be affected from external factors (CPU/RAM usage and so on).
I grew up on dial-up, and in fact still had it up until 3-4 years ago. I played a ton of WC3 on dial-up with a low of 250 ping. I tried playing battlefield 2 on that, but nope.
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