Do you know how to touch type?

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Do you know how to touch-type?
How important is touch-typing in the world of programming?
For those who know how, and learned formally, how long did it take you to attain good speed?
From my experience, your overall speed will be hampered a lot by thinking, and reading code and documentation. So I'm not sure if touch typing is as crucial for a programmer as it is for a writer or a secretary.

To answer your question, I tried to learn but apparently not hard enough.
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Yeah, I learned to touch type by accident, I think by age 13. I spent all my time on the computer. I have to look at the keyboard to get my hands in the right position to start, though, and sometimes I glance at the keyboard to check.

I agree with Catfish4, though - my typing speed is rarely used in programming. Occasionally I do get into runs where I pretty much just type without much thinking, almost as if I were writing spoken language, but those times are rare. Even when I am writing spoken language, I don't usually write that fast. Caffeine, sleep deprivation and a sense of urgency (e.g. when racing against a deadline for written work) is what triggers my speed-typing.

[edit] Also, I don't think in a linear manner so when I'm programming (and when I type English), I'm switching from one task to another constantly, which also stops me from typing too fast.
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I started touch typing by the age of 13 as well, I think the reason is mainly because I am on computer for hours straight.

As the seniors did say, programming is not about speed but about thinking so technically it should not be a issue unless you are very very slowly like maybe 12 WPM (That would be jokes), if they are that slow at typing they probably never get a Software related job.

I find typing classes utterly waste of money and time, because it should come naturally and not by force although it is not bad but it is better to pick it up naturally because you will gradually also improve in touch typing because you are sub-consciously still practicing thus improving.

Not topic related, but I think touch-typing gives you a better feeling when typing dont ya think.
I just once day realized that I don't have to look at the keyboard (or the screen, for that matter), in 1996 or 1997. I blame IRC and the MUDs. Doesn't do much for programming, as mentioned, but a Das Keyboard Ultimate at home keeps the potentially dangerous guests away from my computer. Also, it helps to make the point when someone walks up to distract me and I turn to talk to them while continuing to type.
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I started when I was 13 too (I am still 13) about 5-6 months ago. I can typically get my fingers in the right position. It really helps me program faster.
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I've been touch typing for over 20 years...I don't even think about it anymore.
I honestly have no idea when I began to touch-type, but I haven't even thought about it since. It isn't what I would call "necessary" for programming, but it is still useful when otherwise typing up something that isn't code.
Yea, at some point I realized I could touch type. It kinda just happened after a few years of MMO gaming and forum posting. I was 14 or so when I realized I could do it. However, I definitely do not type the conventional way. My hands do not rest on home row like they teach they should. (asdf left hand/jkl; right hand)

edit: I rarely use an my ring or pinkie fingers and yet I type significantly faster than most my teachers in highschool. Kinda blew my keyboarding teachers' mind when I finished the semester's assignments in the first two weeks of class. I still get asked how I type so fast, sometimes. But not nearly as often. More kids are growing up on the internet, so more kids are growing up with the ability to type faster. That's my theory at least.
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You really don't use your pinky for anything ? I use it for shift and control when typing in all caps or any capital for that matter and control for stuff like ctrl+A to select all text and such.
Cheraphy wrote:
My hands do not rest on home row like they teach they should. (asdf left hand/jkl; right hand)

Yeah, my left hand rests on A/W/E/F and my left on K/O/P/].

I use my fourth finger on the left hand for tab/caps/shift/ctrl/windows and on right hand I used it for backspace/enter/shift/ctrl/-/=.
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I keep my hands in the way they teach you in class and type like that too.
Left hand: asdf
Right hand: jkl;
Now that I think about it, I do use my left pinkie. Specifically for meta-keys. And I've got some macro keys on the left hand side of the keyboard that get heavy use when gaming.

Also, at rest my left hand sits with the pinkie hovering between shift and a macro key to it's left, pinkie finger is on the a, middle on w, index on d and thumb hovering between c v and space. Right hand rests on mouse, index pressed against two macro keys next to left button, middle on scroll wheel, and ring finger pressed against two macro keys next to right button.

I spend too much time on TF2...
Yes, last year. I spent way too much time on RPG Maker.
This "touch-screen revolution" is going to kill us who don't look at our fingers to type. If I eventually have to resort to a stylus to type, I'm going to flip out.
We'll never convert to full touch screen.

There definitely will be people with fat fingers.
I don't fully touch type, but I am pretty fast.

I notice that I love typing on a touch screen(my laptop has a touchscreen), but I don't actually do it because I need the screen for viewing.

I would like a touch keyboard(no mechanical buttons), with ridges or grooves to help you feel where you're at.
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I hate the new fad of touch screens everywhere. I can see its usefulness on my GPS in the car, or a smart phone. I even hate the smart phones with touch screens, i like the flip out phones with a keyboard, but then you lose the smart phone. I do understand why some might like it though. But i hate touch screen monitors, laptops, ipads, smart phones, etc. I see no usefulness in those ipads and the like. I might as well just use a netbook. For half the price i get double the power and productivity.

But then again, i spend hardly anytime traveling. Maybe i would think different if i had to spend 2 hours on a subway/bus to and from work each day. Or maybe i am just starting to get old.
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Hey guys, by touch-type i mean typing on your keyboard without looking.
For the most, you've all been out of point here apart from the first few answers.
yeah i saw the OP being keyboarding and the last few posts of being touch screens, lol

i dont use my pinkies at all. I have to be looking at the keyboard to type. If I look away, i stop typing. I dont think it matters whatsoever in programming. I think that catfish4 sums it up, unless you are a writer or a secretary it doesnt matter.
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