Going back to school! I'm still in high school which is boring if you can remember. What fun things did you do in the middle of class to pass time?
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I used to sleep but it sorta dropped my GPA. :/
Still somehow made it on top 50% though :D
In middle school I sleep in the mornings during easy classes such as Science and English, then go all out when I'm fully rested.
Going back to school!

Hey me, too. I start on Wed. It sucks. Our classes are generally really small (like 10-20 students) so you cannot get away with much. Usually zoning out thinking of programing (algorithms specifically) is what I do.

EDIT: That being said, I do still get a 3.85 3.96 GPA :P (calculated incorrectly, sorry).
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I would sit there and think about stuff; just zone out. People nicknamed me spacer. Sometimes I would be looking right in the direction of someone and they would think I was staring at them, but I was off in my own world and might not have even have known they were there.
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I never "applied myself" at school, I wish I asked them what that meant and why I wasn't applying myself.
I am similar to Script Coder but we have 30 - 35 people in our class so there is quite a bit to get away with.
Normally I think about programming new concepts and also in Tech Classes I normally am finished but act like I am improving while taking wood and such and just messing about with them trying to cut them or sculpt them it normally works.
I spent most of my time trying not to fall asleep.
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I would sometimes sleep, but normally I would just talk through class. The school really isn't strict at all. Except, sometimes the class would be talking or goofing off so much, the teacher would try to make us stop, but it hardly ever worked :) .
¿I attended class? no, that is not right.

here are some ideas
I feel like school is more a way of rewarding obedience in order to create yearly batches of mindless unthinking drones.

If schools wanted to make people more employable and inteligent they would use tests to teach them about themselves and what they can do rather than make sure they can work hard so that later on in life they work hard.
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Eh, I just thought school was wrong. It didn't teach about philosophies, basic neccessities of life, or really anything I was interested in. Hell, I was still learning things in high school that I had self taught at the age of 9.

So, I have people running around my school having no respect for one another, having to put up with the teachers insults of doing nothing but sleeping (of which often just caused me to get up and walk out of the classroom), and rather killed my thirst for knowledge eventually.

School seems to do more with putting up with the other peoples shit rather than learning. aka Why I never cared to stay awake in school.
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I do try my absolute best at school, although the teacher's are quite ignorant in sense that they prefer behaviour to Education\Learning. They have stronger guidelines towards behaving than having strong Education\Learning regulations set up, it is quite sad to think about it.
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I did school for 17 or so years, I'm done with it and don't want to remember it.

*17 Years is the combination of Elementary, middle school, high school, and 4 years of college.
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If you don't want to remember, what was the *point* of you attending school?
Well first, most state laws state that you must go to school until you are 18 years old. Now you can do home school, but they keep tabs of that too. It is actually considered child neglect if a parent withholds you from school.

Second, too many companies covet a college degree so I went to a four year college.

Lastly, you don't have to remember the school, so long as you remember what was taught.
I slept a lot, and wandered around school.

I don't recommend it. The best way to spend your time is actually pay attention to class, take notes, ask questions. Strive to learn something. It'll pay off greatly later in life. I regret not being a better student in high school.
I had a sleepy friend, he kept a pillow in his bag and nap at lunch times, strange boy.
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devonrevenge, I did similar. I would escape during lunch to an empty classroom and set an alarm via my phone. Of course, I didn't always do that, especially if friends needed some help or something.
I agree with all of you! They really do turn you into mindless sheep. Thank god I'm actually sane today. I didn't self-teach until I was 10 when I was in grade 4, I was so interested in what the grade fives were doing. They were constructing electrical miniature cars from scratch, I began learning more about it and I learned how to do it in grade 5. In grade 6 I began fixing random electronics people had broken and I was good at it. The summer between grade 6 and 7 I learned HTML4. In grade 8 I learned how to use the command line, mastered batch file syntax and learned how to read/write binary. In grade 9 I learned like 15 C++ libraries and advanced TI-BASIC. Over the summer I have been constructing s C++ game which has given me some good experience. I know more than this but I can't remember anything else.
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