New Web App for Download

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a web app which I have developed over a long period of time. I originally made this two years ago, and I kept adding to it as I learned more. But as of recently I have enhanced this app because of the knowledgeI have gained over those two years.

A you can tell from the title, it's called QuickTools, and the idea of it is to be a collection of widgets which help with everyday productivity. It's not quite out of beta, because of things like the incomplete calendar, unit converter and various buttons etc, so I wanted to share it because I would like to see what kind of things other users would do with it.

You can download the code below, so feel free to do whatever you want with it. If you would like to show me your versions of the web app after you've edited it then you can send it to the email address also provided below.

HTML file:
CSS file:


PS: if you think you've seen this post before then that is because it was taken down for some reason, so I'm just resubmitting it.
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