Terminator or Batman?

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Who would win in a fight?
Pointless question, but Batman. He would know how to stay ahead of the terminator and how to beat it. The terminator is just a machine that blindly follows the directives it is given for the mission.
He comes back every time.
The terminator was beat by just some kid and broken mom.... But it depends on what model I guess.

On a related note, anyone else find Batman v. Superman pretty dumb? I mean, Superman is practically a god. Batman is just a dude...
I would say it would be easy for Batman to win. Unless you mean the liquid terminator. Because Batman would have easy access to explosives needed to blow the 'Arnold' terminator to hell.

I have figured out Super man's secret identity. Its that Clark Kent guy. I mean seriously, picture him without the glasses.
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ResidentBiscuit wrote:
On a related note, anyone else find Batman v. Superman pretty dumb? I mean, Superman is practically a god. Batman is just a dude...

Batman it a tactician, and would know all the weaknesses of every superhero. Superman is vulnerable to Kryptonite and Batman knows this. Batman would have kryptonite laced armor and weapons making Superman human in essence.
The Easter Bunny would kick everyones arse.
I vote for my personal hero, The Defenestrator: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_8_(comics)#Members

This hero truly has an unbeatable super power.
SSJ4 Gogita > *
Superman Prime will kick everyone including Batman.
easy, Sarah O'Connor and friends could not defeat batman, therefore batman could deal with the terminator.

hes a billionaire he could order molten metal to be poured on the terminator from a plane plane.
Batman if he's given time to prepare. Batman otherwise.

There's a Frank Miller (I think) comic book where Batman beats Superman with a Kryptonite ring.
So how many villians have actually defeated batman? Does anyone know. I remember reading that Bane broke Batman's back once.
In a fight, obviously the Terminator. But if Batman were to take on the mission of destroying the terminator, then he would be successful; not because of fighting ability, but because he has billions of dollars to spend; he would figure out a way to destroy the terminator while keeping distance.

On the other hand, if a terminator were to take on the mission of destroying Batman, then he would also succeed.

So the terminator wins overall.
wait wait wait, liquid metal terminator -MAYBE and thats only if he was disguised as batmans butler, and even then....-

but it only takes a handful of special rounds to dispatch a terminator, its just that sarah connor jhon conner et al only had shotguns and pipe bombs
It only takes a single regular round to take out batman.
yeah but if it were that easy the joker wud have got him
Joker and Batman have a very strong relationship, they love each other too much to kill.
Even though batman has a lot of money to spend, the terminator is from the future just throwing that out there.
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