Terminator or Batman?

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If I had a crowbar I could defeat batman and terminator.
Why don't you *buy* one then?
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i know he would, but the question wasnt the morals of goku, it was who would win in a fight. but i do agree that they would be more likely to work together than fight it out
Especially since he has no real weakness, as his tail was removed.
Food is his weakness. And Chi-Chi
Yea, I forgot about that.

Goku's an idiot, I don't think he's as interested in women as most men. :P
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the tail can grow back. and he can still be beaten as regular goku. im not saying hes indestructible, just really really tough as level 4
I know it could be grown back. He can do it easily by going SSJ 4.

I also never said he was indestructible, because he's not. I think Shenron proved that. ;)
But his morals play into it. Goku is incapable of fighting someone who isn't at their best. It's part of his character. He simply wouldn't fight Superman if he were weakened.
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i guess it depends on how you read the question. i thought it just meant who could beat the other guy, which would be goku. if you meant complete character then it might be superman. (although i still say goku)
I think Goku would win, time to have a DBZ marathon!
batman has a lot in common with terminator, batman is bullet proof in some scenes and is better equiped, its not like you can sneak up on batman either, especially in this modern age.
His super power is infinite preptime
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