Syria Attacks It's Own People

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@ devon's big post


Seriously, I think we should just remove all soldiers on foreign soil, and work on our military internally. That way, we would effectively erase all oil costs to transport troops, and spend the left overs on better training, or on luxury.
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Or just put the money we save towards our 17 trillion dollars of debt (Like that would happen ;p).

It's actually quite sad that the debt doesn't seem to be a issue to anyone anymore. If you break it down each taxpayer in the united states would have to pay $148,000 to pay off our national debt...

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Yea, I don't think we'll ever pay it off.

I thought it was 13 trillion though.
@Lumpkin: The government can easily make you pay for them: the Federal Reserve can 'just' print a $17 trillion note and pay off the debt (or 170 billion $100 notes, or 17000 $1 billion notes, etc.). Your $100k savings may worth $60-70k after a night. That's how the government rob us. Our money is not really in our pockets at all. It's in the hand of the government. Use gold/silver, or something real, or something that can't be made up in one night.

maybe it's too paranoid, but that's what my history teacher said. Did he troll his students?
No it isn't paranoia at all. You would be surprised what they can do and what they have done that we have to do or risk getting in legal trouble.
@tntxtnt: I'm actually more afraid that your teacher wasn't trying to troll you and he is the type of person who actually believes in that crap. What makes a fiat currency more valuable then one based on a material standard is it's liquidity and availability. If we had to wait for a new deposit of gold to be discovered every time we needed our economy to expand we would never get anywhere, there would be no money to lend out and therefore no new businesses would be able to start. You'd be in a queue for months just to get a loan for your used car. Of course some new business would start up, and new loans would trickle out but no where near the rate that it does today. If you think that our economy would expand because of "Gold in the Ground" (known deposits being mined at a fixed rate) then you haven't been paying any attention to how oil works and how the term "Futures Market" applies the same to both cases.

Honestly why are you concerned about the sum total of the national debt? We are still able to make the necessary payments by a large margin so there is no concern about some one coming by and repossessing the country. If you go through life thinking in these terms you'll never survive adulthood, as a real life example I don't mind telling you guys that I personally owe a little over $60,000 across the board, I'm only 26, my SO is somewhere around $50,000 her self, we have a kid to raise and the women and I are talking about acquiring ANOTHER loan to buy a house. And I don't lose a second of sleep over any of this, you know why? Because I am able to make the payments I owe, buy a few extras and still go on a family vacation every year. In return for all of this debt I have an engineering degree that I would STILL be saving up for without the loan and a decent four door car that was built in 2009.

What should concern those people who are intelligent enough to balance a checkbook, is the rate at which the interest payments increase\accumulate. Because even though we are WAY the heck away from that being an actual concern anytime in the near future, it is something that would have a direct impact on our day to day lives. This sequestering crap that you are seeing is partisan BS and our current congress should be jailed for it. I guarantee the next time either party holds both the house and the office we see all of this go away and all of the blame get stacked on the other guy.
Damn, beat me to it.

Paying off debt doesn't work that way. You can't just print out lots of notes and be the richest man in the world.
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Hey guys? Why don't we just pay off the national debt with Zimbwabe currency?
Isn't the US owed something like $0.10 for every $0.01 it owes?

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I'm pretty sure the money that is owed to the US is already factored into our GDP, since it is an asset after all, but I could be wrong or it could depend on what source you're looking at.
Wait, why is the used version more expensive than the new one?

Look up fiat currencies, no country that uses one has ever lasted that long as a general rule.
maybe it's too paranoid, but that's what my history teacher said. Did he troll his students?

Absolutely trolling. The gold standard is a horrible idea.
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devonrevenge, US uses a fiat currency.
I think he knows that. He's probably saying it's all going to hell sooner or later.
yea I found a video of him speaking in public:

he calls it "inflation tax". He's a Tea Party member, and Tea Party hate government and worship private property (: He's a good speaker though.
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Yeah, that is a good speech. He's quite right. Although I don't care for the heavily party-based opinions.

Fun Fact: The last time we were debt free was before income tax.
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Explain. I don't know what the beans is income tax and when we got it.
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The form of income tax we have today came sometime in 1913. It just takes a percentage of your income based on your various variables (marital status, number of children, amount of income, disability, so on).

For example, my very first pay check at the current job I have was 1010.68. After income tax, medicare, and social security is taken out, I actually only made 862.86, income tax alone taking 70.51.

Basically, if you don't have a lot of people who rely on you and if you're poor, income tax is heavy on you. Strangely, the percentage if you make more money can sometimes be *less* than when you make less.

Welcome to America.

P.S. Something might be off, I'm no economics/business major.
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Thanks for the explanation.
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