Any other metal heads?

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Well, right now I'm mainly listening to post-hardcore (such as Hopes Die Last and Adept) and metalcore (such as More Than Life and too tired to think of any others right now).

Used to listen to lots of death metal, went from that to melodic death metal (Children of Bodom) and Gothenburg metal (In Flames, their older albums (although I do like pretty much all their albums)) and it all probably started when I was a kid and my dad was playing old hardrock, like Deep Purple and Saxon and all that :P

Also listening to punk, hardcore-punk (and I'll just throw in Raised Fist as an example here) and punkrock. And basically everything where they can mix clean vocals, screams and making everything sound good together.

And the most important thing; trallpunk (edit: which I just found out is called for "melodious punk" in English). It's awesome.
Definately NOT metal, not even close, but hey - give it a shot. You'll probably not understand sh*t of what they're singing, but it's about how crap mondays are.

Short answer; yea, I'm a metalhead who also listen to lots of punk (although, since post-hardcore is sub-genre to metal then hardcore-punk shouldn't really be too far away either).

And no, I do not consider techno/dubstep/electronic hardcore worthy of my precious ears.
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And no, I do not consider techno/dubstep/electronic hardcore worthy of my precious ears.

I attest that you've never heard superior quality electronica. It's about as diverse a genre as Rock and Metal are.

It's quite simple for me actually, I don't find any joy in listening to it. It's stressful, I'm a calm human being. Therefore, I avoid it - unless I'm at a nightclub or something... I can live with it when I'm drunk. Or maybe that's why I'm drinking...
>"It's stressful, I'm a calm human being."

But you like metal? Unless there is something inherently stressful about synth to you, you can't use that as a reason for disliking electronica :P

But I digress. I used to be well more into it than I am now, I realized last night when I finally got a taste for it again that 90% of my electronica was lost a year or so ago after a hard drive failure. My tastes varied greatly. But I often found my self listening to soft vocal trance mega-mixes by Dj Doboy, and progressive-house. Lots of progressive house by various artists who's names I never knew in the first place.

edit: My roommate and I have been joking about pioneering a cross between Acid House and Drum and Bass. We'll call it Acid Bass. Our duo will be called pH, first album titled "Titration". each track named after a commonly used acid or base.
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Yea... I can sort of sleep to Miss May I...

But I actually don't feel stressed by listening to metal, metal makes me feel calmer. Well, if it's some sort of metal that I actually enjoy :)

It's just something about electronic music that makes me feel stressed.
Cheraphy: yea I explained it here last post (don't know how to link to specific reply)
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