Tales of Mythica

Is anyone here involved in the GGN Game Studios project 'Tales of Mythica'?

I am in talks with the senior designer to maybe go on board in the spring time. As of yet there is not much known about the game, no one is talking about it. I am looking to see if any following begins to develope.

If I do get involved I would like to see the project become more well known.

Do post what you guys think.

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From the pictures it looks like it is going to be a pretty big game and looks like they are using CryEngine I believe (Though could be wrong). Never head of the game though or the company so can't be much help.

Though a job is a job in my opinion. And it is getting even harder to get your foot in the door as a game programmer these days so I would say take the opportunity if it's available.

Just make sure that you are going to be working with a reliable team. There is noting worst then putting months of effort into something just to have the team break up and the project be discontinued.
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From the link, it says:

The game itself will be running on CryEngine 3, developed by Crytek. CryEngine 3 is a next generation game engine known for its amazing graphics. It is compatible with PC, Xbox One and PS4. To read more about the CryEngine 3, please visit www.crytek.com/.

Otherwise I agree wholeheartedly with Zereo on his assertions.
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Doh ;p guess I should have read that part.
The game does look good in my opinion and this is a startup company with some history of web design I believe. There are a lot of people involved so I think they will finish the project. I would love to see my name in the credits of a big project like this, but my only concern now is, who will play the game?

I can tell they are trying to promote, with youtube and their own website, but its little better than 'word of mouth'. There is maybe 100 people following. And I suspect most of them are involved in development. Of course it is still all too new. I hope popularity grows as there becomes more to see.

I supose I will probably talk a lot about it on this site.
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As I understand it, they are planning the game to be like 'The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim". So I went and looked up about that game and it seems pretty cool.
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