My friends Kickstarter Project

Wanted to post it here to help bring more attention to it.

I've known David, one of Terncraft's creators, for a few years now. Just want to try and help him get his studios first game backed.
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Looks pretty 1337. If I had a credit card I'd surely support him.

How far is it?
Not asked him that much. I just know he posted it on Facebook and I wanted to help get it some attention. Don't know how much help I can be though as I only come to this site.
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Just bumping this. My friends KS appears to have stalled and I'm doing everything I can to try and help get it some attention.
This is where I feel KS and services like it fall short, they advertise themselves as a complete solution for acquiring funding but they fail to acknowledge that there is still a lot of work to be done for getting people to notice you. For people like Double Fine studios who are an established entity that just can't find a backer KS is great because people know what they are getting into. Groups who are just making a name for themselves have more to prove though. The fact that your friend is charging what will probably be list price for something that historically (when handed out for free) has been one of the most effective forms of advertising is a little backward. Why does the beta cost more then the full version? I can understand wanting to price out a few people to keep the sample group manageable but is that the reason? I see a gap at the $10 mark, maybe suggest to your friend that he add a demo version that comes with the previous stuff but isn't updated and does NOT include the final version of the game at the $10 price point and I think you'll get at least a few more applicants. But that's just my uninformed opinion. $2,400 is pretty good for a first run.

P.S. Have you posted this on /r/kickstarter? It's at least a larger audience.

P.P.S. As for the gameplay video: I hope they plan on moving the dice window off to the side or even better make it's position a user preference, it takes away from the animation happening out front. I have to say I am intrigued by the mechanic, I know that using random number generators is nothing new but to be out front with it like that is a neat idea.
I posted it on /r/kickstarter and I don't know what their final product will be, but I'll give him the link to here so he can see you comment about the position and the other ideas.
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Why does the beta cost more then the full version?

Many people will "beta test" a game, but not want to file bug reports and give feedback to the devs. They basically just want the game early. By charging more for the beta than the final, you can gauge interest better. Generally, only those who actually want to beta test and give feedback on a game they are interested would be willing to pay more for an unfinished product.

Check out Planetary Annihilation as a perfect example of this, it used to cost 90$ to get into the Steam Early Access now it costs 70$.

Beta test, in my opinion, is a privilege not a right. Just because you pre-ordered a game doesn't give you automatic access to a game before it's finished. In a crowd-funding sense, why should the person that only paid for just the cost of the final game, and somebody pays extra because they really want the game to succeed why should the first guy get the same treatment?
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Well so much for /r/kickstarter, keeps deleting it saying I am asking for backers. I'll I'm doing is pasting the link and letting it pick the title. So I'll have to tell him to make one.

Nevermind, they let me post it as just a text post.
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