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Okay I will try free writing. Just thinking about how I could add some sort of puzzle into there. Please tell me what an escape game is, my vocabulary in game development is actually rusty. Do you know how I could add that epic feeling of awe to a game or maybe how to make people grow attached to characters? You know that AI that I made with the engine? I want people to fall in love with him. He was originally planned to show you the ropes and to give advice. He would be there when times are tough and he would appear like anyone else in the beginning but show strong emotion towards the end. I want people to cry at their black and green command-line screens if he ever dies. I want people to feel for the characters.
An escape game is basically a puzzle game where you have to figure out how to escape a room or some other prison-type area by interacting with the environment to look for clues, etc.

As for adding awe and stuff...go look at some good books and games with good stories/characters and see how they do it, then try to do something similar. Go check out Katawa Shoujo, you won't be disappointed. (R-18 content warning)
Ahaha that's fine. That's a great idea. It wouldn't be the whole game but towards the end you can be captured by the bad guys and held in their prison.
I liked this one. The AI in it is similar to what you're describing. The endings too... In a way.
What about genre? Can anyone list game genres and what they are like? I want to expand my spectrum of video game genres to a near panoramic level.

This is quickly approaching hand holding. I feel like you are wanting us to write it for you at this point. You have to put some time into what you don't know and find the answers.
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Awe help a beginner out?
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I don't get how you plan to do any of this with console-based applications.
There is definitely some good advice here. You want to have at least some idea of what your game is going to be like, before you start coding any of it. I've just had the situation in which we decided to change our original specs on the latest game I'm working on and had to start re-writing the entire thing from scratch, as the previous framework the game was in was unsuitable for the new idea.
RealGiganitris wrote:
Awe help a beginner out?

You have to learn to be self reliant for finding answers to your problems. If you keep having people hold your hand for everything, you won't learn anything and continually have trouble making your own game especially when they get more difficult to make.
I was joking BHX, calm down.
RealGiganitris wrote:
I was joking BHX, calm down.

I am calm. When it comes to helping I just post what I know, which was the case here. Whether you are joking or not, fact remains that the way you are saying things makes it appear you are wanting others to make your game while you take credit. That kind of appearance won't fly with many programmers.
Okay BHX, but I still want suggestions on cool genres because there are many genres. I would like to find a way to mash it all together. (I don't think I can do sandbox) There are foreign genres that might actually work well with what I have.

That is a list of game genres. Sadly that is one of the hardest things to get help with because everyone has different genres they like. For example, I love RPGs, FPS, and Hidden Object Puzzle games and several others like horror, survival horror, etc. Others may like quiz show type games like You Don't Know Jack. You will have to see what ones peak your interest and go from there.

Truthfully I love all game genres as they all have things that interest me in some way.
I would play a text based adventure.
Well I'm writing a historical game.
What genre though? Historical sounds utterly boring.
A historical FPS. It's meant to be online, not quite a MMO though (That'd be an very unrealistic goal)

It takes place during the Napoleonic Wars, you have one shot muskets. (Which are going to be very inaccurate)

The game will be heavily based on strategy. You and your friends should start a group, you join servers with other 'regiments', and you guys will fight. It's recommended to fight in a line, you get the best results that way. If you choose not to, your team will most likely end up with 1 or 2 kills and out of ammo.

The classes, will be scouts, calvary, skirmishers, artillery, and standard line. (Scouts and calvary are the same, scouts have a lighter horse though)

Artillery is key, you should have good shooters in your regiment, to knock down fortifications from a long distance. You have to protect them from calv rushing though.

(This is based off of m&b: Napoleonic Wars, however the engine will be created to be based around historical warfare)
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Cool! The engine that I made is basically for RPG's. It is made to follow the rules of pen and paper RPG's but the rules can be huge and outcomes can vary greatly. This can make the RPG more realistic but can still take place in a fantasy world. The rules can be so large that the story line can vary greatly and can have multiple endings and outcomes. A neat thing about it is that you can also simulate other NPC's needs and inventory, you can simulate the economy even. This is possible because of a location in the code which simulates time. In windows programming there are time slices and stuff. This is where I got the idea from. It is definitely not as advanced but it works. The game is text based so it doesn't lag your game when it simulates because there is no real output saying what is happening unless the story calls for it. Simulation does slow the game down but not by much because the simulation requires pen and paper equations and rules which the CPU can do millions of these at an incredible speed.
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