You think you're done at 100%...

But then this happens:

I have had to fix some problems with LLVM/Clang files, but having to fix MinGW headers is disconcerting. Well, at least it's finally built...but I'm still not done even after building it...
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wow man that sucks
It wasn't a tough fix but yeah I've spent a long time getting this to build only to discover that it doesn't actually work properly.
Are you sure it's a MinGW bug? Your example
#include <unistd.h> 
int main() {}
compiles fine for me with MinGW 4.8.1
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off topic: your name is nick too? hi five
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naraku9333 wrote:
Are you sure it's a MinGW bug?
Seeing as I linked to the bug report, yes, it is. If you already read the bug report, you misread it.

@DTSCode: No, my name is Nicholas, not Nick. I hate it when people call me Nick. ;p
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D: i didnt want to hi five you anyways
Saint Nicholas and Old Nick ...

When one is as apt to make their own mistakes as the C++ users are, finding the toolchain fallible is indeed scary. Oh, wait,
GCC 4.8 changes:
GCC now uses C++ as its implementation language.

On the other hand, being able to make a difference is quite satisfying.
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