...Deworming... Help?

Okay,I watched a video of an intestinal worm-removal surgery today..and read that i should take deworming tabs/syrup every 6 months.
The last time I took a tablet was when I was 8..I'm 17 now.
And I'm flipping out about tking one again..will I actually see the worms the next morning in the pot?
Side effects?
If yes,how many worms?

Someone help me out? Google's got info mostly about deworming cats and dogs.
What makes you think you've got worms?
I don't think people in a non-third world country commonly get worms...
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It would be best you talk to a doctor about this not a online forum which can't really help you at all. So go and schedule yourself a doctors appointment or if you are underage talk to your parents about this and have them schedule you a appointment.
I've heard its a good habit to take deworming tabs every half yearly,just to clean your system up.
I don't have any worm related disease.but I'd just like to clear out whatever's there. (that's why I haven't gone to a doc yet)
That's nuts.

Unless a doctor tells you otherwise, I would not pop random pills "just to clean your system up"

Taking anti-worm medication when you don't have worms makes zero sense. See a doctor.
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