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What is your favorite commercial of all time?

I would say what mine is, but I am going to have to think about it.
Honda - The Cog
It's been forever since I've seen an actual commercial.... but the ones I remember being funny are pretty much any Old Spice commercial with that muscle guy... and the "Nope! Chuck Testa" taxidermy commercial.


There was also a Nutrigrain Bar commercial set in an office that was really funny but I don't have the link for it.
Those Trojan commercials. It's funny how they try to keep them PG. It's pretty ironic considering what they're selling. :P

That or that one commercial "Axe washes your balls."
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@Grey Wolf That is cool how they got all of that to work like that.
@Disch As usual, I did not get to watch the video yet. BTW, I am going to finish the other video today or tomorrow. I forgot about.
@Lumpkin Yeah, I've seen some of those.
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@Disch I did get to watch the video. NOPE! Chuck Testa
@Lumpkin again Yeah, that one is funny too.
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@Manga That one is good too ;)

EDIT: Not as good as this one, though:
I'm not sure what there selling, but I'll take 20.
EDIT 2: Am I allowed to post that on here? If not, tell me and I can remove it.
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It's fine. A bit racy but no nudity.
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@computerquip Okay, I just didn't want to break any forum rules.
Dafuq did I just watch? Time to delete history... (I've been doing that a lot recently... -_-)

Anyway, do TV Shows themselves count?
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In that case, Code Lyoko has to be the best, hands down. No TV show is as great as that. NONE I TELL YOU.
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[quote=Lumpkin's Edit](I've been doing that a lot recently... -_-)[/quote]

I find that it helps to use Private Browsing or in Chrome "incognito mode".
I am not saying that I have to use this a lot. I do though.
I almost always do my internet surfing in private mode...

press and hold (shift+control+p) for inPrivate browsing. That's if you use internet explorer.
The Terrible Terry Tate Reebok commercials. Awesome.
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@Manga Ctrl+Shift+N for Chrome. I am used to doing that.
@iHutch105 I don't think I've seen those.
Kudos to Grey Wolf for the cog commercial.

But shame on everyone else. Axe commercials? Softcore porn? Really? And one that just has people singing? You guys wouldn't know a good commercial if it punched you in the face.

Apart from my previously linked Chuck Testa commercial:

Terry Crews Old Spice commercials:

Nutrigrain Bar in an office:


Awesome ?Dutch? commercial (NSFW Language):
Don't have one. I zone out commercials and do other things. If they aren't game related I space.
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