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Axe commercials? Softcore porn? Really?

Manga started it. =P
You guys wouldn't know a good commercial if it punched you in the face.

[sarcasm]The only problem is that don't have a 3D tv so they can't. And then, I wouldn't be able to feel it.[/sarcasm]
I said that the cog commercial was good. And, the ones you listed above were good too, so apparently I can.

EDIT: This kinda on topic:
My sister won't stop asking me how the aflac duck got hurt. So, do any of you know?
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BHXSpecter wrote:
Don't have one. I zone out commercials and do other things. If they aren't game related I space.
I tend to do the same...but sometimes something just catches my eye (or ear) and makes me pay attention, that is a good advert (it is even better if I can remember what it is advertising).
retsgorf297 wrote:
don't think I've seen those.


There are a bunch of them.
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@iHutch105 That was a good one.
I remember the Terry Crew Old Spice commercials now. I used to see those commercials a lot.
The nutrigrain commercial was interesting...
I haven't gotten to watch the others yet.
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Axe commercials... ;)
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@Manga Mine was still better :P
Another Honda one

Guinness - Tipping Point

Guinness 'Surfer'
how could I forget about this
Ellen Feiss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhraQu6K4Dg
I am a little irate that I have to watch an ad on YouTube, before I can watch your favourite ad.

Did I ever tell anyone I really hate watching ads? However there are some quality ones.

Off topic, but I really like this:


My cousin answers the phone with "Yeah?" and is always saying "Covered with what?" or "Oh, the Maple kind?"

At work, we have: Q: "Can you clean your company car, please?", A: "NAAAAaaaargh"

Also this:


Edit: Why does quoting a web address not produce a link anymore? Well for me anyway.
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stop putting the link in quotes.
Manga wrote:
stop putting the link in quotes.

You can quote, you do need http://
TheIdeasMan wrote:


Thanks Grey Wolf & ne555.

I guess the nuisance value is that my Firefox doesn't always show the http:// in the web address or in google.

I suppose one can get used to all different kinds of embuggerance. I hope everyone understands what could be an Australasian colloquialism. <(:+D

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gonna make this into a game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaTRCHbG_IA
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