Adventure Time and Thereafter

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Unrelated to the Youtube series, I'm quite curious as to what happens to most people who start on a "text adventure". I'm pretty sure most don't finish as they realize how boring it is after just a few hours (perhaps less) but do they just quit afterwards? Do most people actually start programming just to make a text adventure?

I'm still confused as to what is so enticing about doing a text adventure program.
I'm confused too. I don't know what all the hype about it is but my best guess is that it's the first thing they know they can use their skills for that counts as a "game" or "finished product" or "not a test or example".
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@L B That's my guess too.
A lot of people get into programming wanting to make games.
The first thing they learn how to use is the console, so the first program they make is a console game.
Isn't this what happened a lot in the 70s? Text-based applications were the only types of applications at the times and so text-based games were just natural.
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But now, it's just as easy to put some sprites up on the screen and make something more interactive. Most (experienced) people now adays can make a basic game in a few hours. But people who do "text adventures" generally don't even bother with console manipulation, sticking only to basic C IO.
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I personally find graphical stuff easier than console stuff. I guess like me when it comes to food, people are just naturally afraid to try new things.
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