iOS 7

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What do think about the new iOS?

I like all the features they have added (mostly catch-up).I'm not a big fan of Johnny Ive's new design. iOS has been the basically the same since the beginning of it, so I think they needed this update.
inb4 applefag vs droidfag pissing contest
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Windows 8 mobile > applefag + droidfag.
Symbian for the Wi....bugger

edit: Don't forget the m in Symbian...
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@xerzi Use code tags!
Personally, I'm a little let down that THIS isn't going to be a thing :(
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Wait a second... Correct me if I'm wrong, but:
@Cheraphy and xerzi Were you calling me a faggot? >:/

EDIT: @Grey Wolf Haha, I get your edit now.
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