Lamb of GOD :D

Who else on here is into metal?

I need suggestions for real heavy,slow,brutal songs.
we actually just had a topic about this, nevertheless, is lamb of gods lead singer stil in prison
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Nope. He was acquitted back in March I think.

Good stoner/sludge doom

Yeah I like this post-metal band. Listen @ 5:45... Pretty mind blowing if you're playing it loud through speakers.

Metallic metalcore?
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Opeth is pretty sweet. Check out Master's Apprentice by them. They're prog metal so their music is kind of across the spectrum.

I've seen Whitechapel and Job for a Cowboy a couple times when they toured together.

Just saw Fleshgod Apocalypse not too long ago, they were awesome. Carach Angren (sp?) is good too. Winds of Plague is possibly my favorite metal band.
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I like most types of metal, if you haven't already, you might like the 'Djent' genre..might not.

Been playing metal guitar for 5 years now, but because of my unsociable doubt in getting anywhere, I've taken up programming instead, it's just as brutal.

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was job for a cowboy any good, they seem like they would have fantastic live shows
Yea they were great. I'd say whitechapel was better though.
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