My First Football Game

Well, this really isn't important, but I just wanted to let some steam off.

My first football game was HORRIBLE. My team is a bunch of idiots. It was all good on the bus, then once we got there, it went downhill. First, the coach assigned me leader to a line. 3 idiots come up to me, asking me to get behind them. I swear people don't listen at all.

Then, when we were walking down the path to the field, a girl about my age with booty shorts walks by to spectate. Immediately my team mates act as if they never seen a girl before and start to make sexual noises hounding her over. They were yelling "This is their only 'Loop'!" (Loop means sexually attractive girl. I'd disagree that was their only one, because I've seen quite a lot there)

We reach the bleachers. The girl is there, checking her phone, and the guys STILL continue to act like mindless idiots hounding the girl. She was doing a pretty nice job ignoring them, but when I asked her for the time, she was so busy ignoring the team she didn't realize what I said. It took me like 20 times for her to notice and respond.

Okay, we start playing. My team talks so much junk saying "We're going to destroy them! They're small!" But they were so busy getting all hyped, they didn't go their hardest. The other team got like 3 touchdowns in the first quarter.

So they put me in. I go in, and our defensive line is horrible. They don't care. They let the quarter back get right through. I, as an inside linebacker have to do all the work my self. The saftey, and the other linebacker were the only ones doing what we were supposed to do.

We get the ball. My team acts like idiots, and gets pushed back to OUR endzone -_-. The coaches called me in to play Fullback, however I forgot my earpiece, and every time I went in I had to borrow someone's at the sideline. My team are d***s, so I couldn't get in the field in time. It was hell.

When I go in on defense, I thankfully got 5 tackles. (Cutting out the rest because of length).

On the way back, we get on the bus. In the beginning, the teammates hounded my closest guy friend (can't say best friend, that's gay and only reserved for girls), I told him to never whip out snacks like that again. He understood.

One dude got into a fight with is friend.

Then, I guess someone whipped out there Iphone and went on PORNHUB, and everyone started to hump the seats and sometimes eachother making nasty noises, and acting like they're beating their meat, like this is a Roman Holiday. This went on until then end of the ride. They scare me sometimes.

I'm not even going to continue on.
I thank God I'm sick today, I can only imagine how much running we'd have to do for our behavior (Or THEIR behavior).
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Wow, that sounds pretty bad.
It was. The worst part had to be the first part, the girl probably thinks we're rapists or people who beat it 24/7.
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